Care In Dorset and Wiltshire

Care In Dorset

We are excited to be based in and operating out of Dorchester, Dorset.  We are well situated to provide Care In Dorset and supply our services into Bournemouth, Weymouth, Bristol, Poole Yeovil, Sherborne and surrounding villages.

Live In Care Dorchester

We consider ourselves lucky to be based in and operating out of Dorchester.  This is our ideal location to provide  Live In Care as part of our home care services.  When faced with the realisation that you aren’t able to live on your own any more, its time to make the right choice.  Its for this reason that you need to have the right Agency on board with you and we believe that we can provide the solution.  https://www.liveincareagency.about_us

Live In Care Bournemouth

Bournemouth, with its outstanding beauty along the Dorset coastline and our go-to area for all things Dorset, is now included on our list of areas covered by our Carers.  We go above and beyond for our clients with the provision of top Carers in UK.  Contact us now for an Assessment and personalised Care plan


Live In Care Poole

From Bloxworth to Sandford, additionally, from Ferndown to West Parley, we have your area covered with our Carers.

Live In Care Studland

Studland is one of the Uk’s areas where beauty abounds!  In essence, just a short drive from our hub in Dorchester, our Carers are very happy to work here, in this area of outstanding beauty!

Live In Care Weymouth

If you live in the Weymouth area and surrounds, and wonder about Carers, we have them!  We provide care in East Bexington, in the same way we cover Winfrith Newburgh (plus all the villages in between!).  All villages in Dorset are equally as important to us!



Live In Care Sherborne

We haven’t forgotten about this historic but equally in need of care, little town!  We provide Live In Carers not only into Sherborne but above all, into all surrounding areas from Chilton Cantelo to Bishops Caundle.



Live In Care Bristol

We know we know! Bristol isn’t in Dorset!  Although this may be true, we do provide the Bristol area with our Care!  It is important to note that our Carers are equally happy to venture into your area!   Your free Assessment is only a phone call away, or call us to schedule an Assessment in your home

Live In Care Yeovil

Served from our offices in Dorchester, Yeovil is in easy reach if you are in need of an urgent Assessment.  As a result, we cover the area with our Care, from East Lambrook to Charlton Horethorne and likewise from East Coker to Yetminster.


Local Villages

As can be seen, in Dorset, you are not alone!  We are with you, in all of Dorset’s its illages and towns!  We  are on standby to assist you with our home care services.  Quickly, efficiently and with one thought in our minds, keeping you safe in your home!  With a uniquely bespoke care plan and Carer to match!  In a nutshell, we Care In Dorset!

Care In Wiltshire

We are really excited to announce that we are now offering our services into Wiltshire and look forward to welcoming new clients along with our existing clients in the county,






Care In Dorset